It lasted half the day of Saturday 10 December 2016: the Christmas tree celebration offered to children of the personnel of the plantation of SOCALALM Kienké. A ceremony celebrated simultaneously in all the five other plantations of SOCAPALM

The esplanade of the Central Office in KIENKE was the ideal setting for this feast, decorated for the circumstance, by elements of the construction service who erected colorful tents with dexterity to receive the children, accompanying parents, and the numerous curious crowds. The organization committee, “the bees» conducted by the new AARH Junior under the impulse of the Plantation Director, provided some (maternal), innovations to the ceremony: Game of question & answers, karaoké, crowned by exceptional prizes.

In a brief introduction speech, the interim Director of the Plantation wished a Happy Christmas to the population.

Then, a presentation made by the Master of Ceremony, Mr. NDJAMI Joseph, sparked in festive joy among the kids as they awaited the distribution of prepared gifts.

The solemn entrance two «Father Christmas “, and the children’s’ excitement to discover what these men in red and white reserved them again this year, were of the highlights of the ceremony. A cocktail was offered at the end of the ceremony. ”Mama” had put the small dishes in the big to the satisfaction of everybody.

At the end the ceremony, there were chants of «Long Live 2017» and especially «to the next ceremony of the Christmas TREE“!