Socapalm is driven by a profound dynamic, in which the environment plays a decisive role.

Obtaining ISO 14001 certification confirms its fierce determination to establish a genuine culture of eco-responsibility within the company, but also in the families and environment of its employees.

Scientific studies were carried out on the fauna, flora and aqueous environment of the plantations by a South African environmental consultancy firm (HCV). These studies will help to better identify the protection and awareness actions to be implemented.

In 2020, Socapalm continued its efforts to obtain RSPO certification by initiating its first certification audits at the Socaport site, which received RSPO certification for the supply chain on 30 December 2020.

In January and February 2021, certification audits were organized on the Mbongo and Mbambou plantations, followed by the Eséka plantation in May 2021 and the Edéa and Dibombari plantations in September 2021. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the field audits were postponed, leading to a delay in the planning of Socapalm’s last plantation, Kienké, whose audit took place in February 2022.

During 2022, Socapalm improved and strengthened its sustainability approach, which has been in place for several years. This was confirmed by the successful completion of RSPO surveillance audits on several plantations. Indeed, while 2021 was marked by the gradual obtaining of RSPO certificates for 3 of its plantations, 2022 was characterized by the RSPO certification of 2 additional plantations and the audit of the last plantation. 2022 was also a year to assess the effectiveness of these newly implemented measures and therefore for monitoring their long-term compliance.

Keeping the plans, policies, and procedures in place on each site and their continuous communication through regular and transparent discussion platforms confirm Socapalm’s commitment to its stakeholders.

Reconciling economic profitability and societal values is the key to sustainable growth for the company and its employees.

The adoption of a sustainability approach framed by the Socfin Group’s responsible management policy has further underlined the company’s commitment in this area. This policy was updated in March 2022 to reflect the elements of the GPSNR (Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber) policy.

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