Socapalm (Société Camerounaise de Palmeraies) is a public limited Company legally registered under Cameroonian law, with a Board of Directors and share capital of FCFA 45 757 890 000. Its head office is located at Tillo, Douala-Nkongsamba highway and its directorate general at Douala, Rue de la Motte Piquet Bonanjo, P.O. box 691 Douala, telephone (237) 695 35 59 11. Socfinaf detains 67.46% of the share capital. The shares are listed on the Douala Stock Exchange.

As a corporate citizen, Socapalm aspires to adhere to the highest standards of good governance. The Board of Directors was chaired until March 2021 by Mr. Michel NOULOWE DEUMAGA. As he has resigned, the replacement is ensured by Mr. Abdoulaye Karim HAYATOU WELL, representative of the State of Cameroon has taken over the chairmanship.

The Board of Directors is composed of 6 members, including 4 legal entities.

The Board of Directors’ mission is to define the main direction of Socapalm’s activities. The Board is equally attentive to the shareholders’ interests and its deliberations are guided by the shareholders’ recommendations.

Socapalm is led by a General Manager who is mandated by the Board of Directors and represents the Company with third parties. He presides over the management committee, which is composed of the Plantations Directors and management staff. This committee meets on a regular basis.

The General Manager, Mr. Dominique CORNET, assumed his functions on June 22, 2016. His extensive experience within Socapalm, combined with his international profile and perfect knowledge of the Cameroonian market, as well as his team building capacities, inject new dynamism in the Company.

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