Socapalm contributes to the economic development of its plantations’ neighbouring communities, notably by the payment of additional premiums to smallholders; these premiums are in the order of about 9 billion FCFA in 2019.

In addition, villagers have free access to Socapalm’s medical services which, although not hospitals but occupational health centers, intervene in case of emergencies and first aid care.

Around 2 400 people, neighbours and others who are not part of Socapalm, have benefited from first aid care in our medical centers or first aid posts in 2019.

Neigbouring communities also have access to free education for their children in schools built by Socapalm.

Socapalm financed the installation of power lines, wells and boreholes, and community buildings such as market places.

Furthermore, Socapalm ensures the excavation and re-profiling of roads, construction and maintenance of bridges connecting the villages to each other and to the urban centers.

There are also platforms in place for dialogue and tripartite exchanges in Sanga Maritime, Moungo and ocean divisions.

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