Socapalm’s social commitment is set out in its code of ethics and policies. These documents also highlight its adherence to ethical standards and its compliance with applicable laws. As a major player in the development of the regions in which it operates, Socapalm works daily to improve local living conditions by encouraging respectful and transformative tropical agriculture. The occupational safety and health system is based on OHSAS 18001, while labour and human rights policies are based on the requirements of SA 8000, as well as RSPO principles and criteria, ILO conventions and the United Nations (UN) Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Occupational health and safety have always been the object of concerted efforts, piloted by our doctors, when it comes to prevention and sensitization in the Socapalm and surrounding villages, or to peer health educators in special HIV/AIDS programs.

All Socapalm sites have medical centers where the personnel and their families receive free medical care. At the same time, Socapalm provides 80% insurance coverage for all employees and their families in case of medical evacuation and hospitalization.

General Management highly encourages on-going, high quality social dialogue within the different sites.

To ensure non-discrimination in recruitment, vacancies are published and priority is given in case of equal qualifications, to in-house expertise and local employment. Moreover, directions are provided to ensure that recruitment takes place via a unique entrance point with the email address “ info-scp“.

Employee performance evaluations are regularly organized, leading to career development, and targeted training programs.

Our charter of ethics (code of ethics), which has existed for almost ten years and was limited to management, was reviewed in 2017. It will be extended to all hierarchy levels and the supply chain.

Socapalm guarantees freedom of association and collective bargaining.

Socapalm is firmly committed to freedom of association and non-discrimination, and to prohibiting child forced labour. It is also committed to ensuring fair treatment and decent housing for its employees.

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